Racist/Phil Anselmo

Axl Rosenberg from Metalsucks.net and Robb Flynn of Machine Head fame, have both decided to speak out on the recent incident at Dimebash, where Phil Anselmo made a total ass of himself; choosing to heil and yelling “White power” to the attending crowd.

I’m on the same page as these guys, this is no joke; Phil is probably as racist as it looks. I love Pantera; recalling the late sundays watching Headbangers Ball, and hearing them for the first time, puts a smile on my face – but this is downright repulsive, and don’t belong anywhere.

Nobody should be passing this as joke, and defend this sort of behaviour anymore, so it’s great to hear someone making a public stand in this case.

Will all this make me stop listening to Pantera? No, I was already listening to Burzum – that didn’t make me a right winged asshole, hailing the obscene ramblings of Varg Vikernes..

Read the editorial by Axl here:


…and watch the video uploaded by Robb Flynn here:

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