Review/Slægt/Beautiful and Damned

Ever wondered what the outcome of a steamy hot foursome between Kreator, Iron Maiden, Darkthrone and Carcass would sound like? Wonder no more.. In the beginning of 2015 Slægt released their full-length debut “Ildsvanger.” A punk(ish) fast-paced blackmetal album; with a strong sense of inspiration from,the before mentioned, Darkthrone.

What began as oneman project of vocalist/guitarist Oskar has turned into a fourpiece, and the result of that can be heard on the ep “Beautiful and damned,” released on the german label Iron Bonehead Productions. They define their sound themselves as “black heavy metal” and I guess that is not far from what i would call it. “Blackened thrash” could also be the label – if you feel the need to catagorize art.. The first track “move in chaos” is a true ripper, and sets the tone for what to come; icecold riff-heavy and melodic metal. The main riff of the song is one of the catchiest I’ve heard in a while, and is a tough one to get out of your mind again.. “Alshinecheri” is the second track, and brings down the pace a notch, but differs not from the high quality of the opening track. The guitarsolo right before the first verse caught me with surprise during the first spin, but in a good way; a classic eighties-style heavymetal solo.

As the distorted guitars slowly dissapears, the calm and warm sound of a (folk-inspired?) classic guitar piece soothens your ears before the grand closer, the titletrack, drags you right back, and leaves you in the darkness, wondering what to expect next from these talented guys. Until then; This is great. Beautiful and damn great – can’t wait to hear more..

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