Review/Naðra/Allir vegir til glötunar 

Naðra is the latest band from Iceland to catch my attention, and I need to share a few words on their debut “Allir vegir til glötunar” (All roads to destruction)

Consisting of members from Misþyrming, Carpe Noctum and Ophidian I, this is most probably to be considered a side-project – but what a great one. Before mentioned Misþyrming has been making headlines the last years, and among others, paved the way for what seems like an ever-growing scene in Iceland. With that in mind the big question is, whether it’s about time we turn our attention away from the volcano island? The answer should be given below.

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

“Fjallið,” is the first, and shortest, track of the album; neo-classic blackened metal with it’s fair share of hardhitting blastbeats. A promissing start, that does not give it all away in an instant.

There is indeed much more to come; nice harmonies  and solos erupts from the massive walls of guitar-driven chaos, choirs kick in numerous times, and the pace is ever changing throughout.

The standout of the album is, in my opinion, the the fourteen minute long “Falið.” What it brings down in pace – it picks up in intensity. This track creates pictures in my head of someone, in the deepest of agony, screaming/crying back at life it self.

The album contains three more tracks, than the above mentioned, and when the last tone of the closing track “Fallið” rings out, it’s a instant push on the replay-button. It’s been like that for the last couple of weeks; My nine year old girl asking me in the car, on our way to school, “So, it’s still that Icelandic band..?”

So to sum up, it’s less disturbed and more “user-friendly” than the related Misþyrming, but still without lacking nerve and intensity. On top of the controlled rhythmic chaos, Vocalist Ö channels the beautiful roar of mother Iceland herself. This guy could probably give me the chills just citing nursery rhymes.

Naðra is not just another Icelandic black metal band, nor should this be passed off as “yet another” black metal record. They don’t deny their obvious heritage; there’s recognisable elements from the members other bands, but this album grows with every listen; Layers and harmonies surfaces with every listen, and you should definitly go ahead and check it out on Bandcamp.

Under a pale Icelandic sky, they shall arise. Guess you shouldn’t turn your back on Iceland just yet..

Naðra Bandcamp

Support the band, by paying whatever you feel like for the album. I suggest you pay them handsomely..

Don’t want to miss a beat? – then go ahead and  “Like” the PLBM Facebook page.


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