Underground/Files/Left Alone…

The main reason for me to do this blog, came out of a wish to promote some of the minor bands, I discover from time to time. With that in mind, I’ve decided to introduce this new series on some of the unsigned gold hiding in the underground

As a young teenage boy, I dreamt of being a musician myself. Bought a guitar, turned the amp to eleven, wore the ripped jeans and the washed out Ride the lightning t-shirt. All set!

As time went by , I came to the sad conclussion that I did not only lack the talent – but also the dedication, to rehearse and become better. Thats my story on how NOT to become a rockstar.

If I can’t write my own music, then at least I can share some of my findings, for others to enjoy.. One such find, I stumbled upon only weeks ago, when someone posted a bandcamp link, in one of the many groups I follow on facebook. I did a quick play-through of the link,. It sounded interesting, and yet another bookmark was added to the collection.

Later that night, the headphones came on. Gave it a second listen, to see if it was still as interesting as I thought earlier that day. It was.

The next day I started digging into this project, trying to find out who was behind this project. It didn’t take me that long to figure out, that it was in fact the young darkhaired guy, who posted the link in the first place, Damián Antón Ojeda.


What I quickly came to learn, was that Anton was an eighteen year old self taught multi-instrumentalist from Connecticut. Second, I came to learn that his profile on Metal-archives.com featured an extensive list of releases with his name on it. Now, that’s impressive, and should catch most peoples attention – it caught mine for sure.

He composes and records his music at home, under various aliases such as A Nightlit Poesy, Aevilian, Born An Abomination, Evocative Atmosphere and Sadness. I’ve decided to focus on the project that initially caught my attention, Left Alone… 

Depressive and cold, yet soulful post-blackened metal is what make your eardrums move, when you hit the play-button on the latest demo release, “Empty moment.” Distorted guitars blends seamlessly with the occasional piano, the clean singing, the screams and the cries.. This is music you can feel – trust me.

When asked to describe the sound of Left Alone.. himself, he gave me an unexpected answer.

“I would describe Left Alone… as raw and desolate. One of my all time favorite bands and albums is AFI’s “Sing the sorrow.” I’m sure you can hear the inspiration from that band’s era in a lot of my work. I think that’s the only artist, to which I can really see a direct parallel.”

Of cause, that answer meant, that I had to listen to AFI – a band that I knew only by name. Without being able to draw a direct comparison, I can definitely recognize some AFI elements in some of the Left Alone’s more quiet moments.

When asked about where he finds his inspiration, the answer is simple and straightforward. “Inspiration for me is pretty much ever present. I always have something to say.”

So how much does an eighteen year old really have to say? Take a listen to his music, and I guess you will come to the same conclusion as I: Quite a lot.

Don’t want to miss a beat? – then go ahead and  “Like” the PLBM Facebook page.



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