Brand/New/Left Alone…

P.L.B.M favourite  Left Alone… just released its (his) latest demo, titled  “With black branches.. scars and wounds, the painful memories…”

If you liked the previous demo “Empty moment” you won’t be dissapointed, since it’s very much up the same alley; amazingly well written Dark and atmospheric post black metal.

Damián Antón Ojeda., who hides behind the Left Alone… alias, has created a reputation for himself, as being very fond of multi-minutes tracks – and this is no time for change when it comes to that; breaking all his previous records, with the finisher”…and blood flowed down the street,” clocking in at a massive 27:56 minutes.

Now, with a handful of demos done under the L.A. brand… If I was to do some career counseling, I would definitely tell Damian that it’s about time to hit the studio. Polish off the six or seven greatest tracks from the demos, and it will be a release that few will want to miss out on.

Don’t want to miss a beat? – then go ahead and  “Like” the PLBM Facebook page.


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