Video/Møl/Radar 360

For the last many years, Danish (and other Scandinavian) bands have been able to secure them self a spot in the recurring showcase festival “SPOT Festival,” that takes place every year in Denmarks second-largest city, Aarhus.

This year the Danish post black shoegazers in Møl was among the chosen ones, offered the opportunity to promote themselves.

The music venue Radar, decided to make some fun out the whole arrangement, and record a few of the concerts in 360. If you’re watching this on your smartphone/Ipad/tablet/whatever, you simply move it around to focus on the different bandmembers, crowd. Or the ceiling…

Watching the video on your computer, you’ll be able to move around using the cursor.
Soundwise this isn’t the greatest recording ever, but if gazed out post black is your thing, you should do yourself a big favour, and stream a few tracks on their bandcamp.

Don’t want to miss a beat? – then go ahead and  “Like” the PLBM Facebook page.


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