Review/Chaoscraft/Procreation Through Disaster

It was never my intention to write reviews of “old” releases, let me start by making that clear to everybody. Once in a while it does happen, that I simply miss out on news and releases; this is what happened in the case of Chaoscraft releasing his/it’s first full-length album back in december, 2013.

Chaoscraft is the one man project of Isolator, who has written all lyrics on the album, played every note, done the vocals and programmed the drums. Despite being a former member of the death metal band Abnormal Inhumane, Isolator is no stranger to working solo; before the times of Chaoscraft he released two full length albums with another solo project, Lykauges.

“Procreation..” features eight songs, with a total playtime, of no more than half an hour all together. That leaves no time to waste – and he doesn’t. This is a full on attack from start to end.

The opening track “Broken shackles.” begins with a short elctro-acoustic intro – and from there on, it drags us straight through the blackened gates of death metal  – or the death’end gates of black metal. Who cares about genres..?

Even before I found out about Isolators past as a guitarist in Abnormal Inhumane, I’d already figured that this was the work of a guitarist; the demonically shrieky and aggresive vocals is dominant throughout the record – but it’s backed up by equally aggresive, yet high quality guitar riffs. Constantly changing between more quiet and melodic passages, and fast picked black metal riffs, it varies in the finest manner.  Take a listen to “Alternate future wires.” It’s a prime example of how all of the, above mentioned, elements melts perfectly together.

Another of my favourites on the album, “Damned roots”,  features the voice of the excellent Al Pacino in the intro sample, taken from the 2003 movie The Recruit.

There’s this parish priest, goes up to the Pope, drops down on his knees, starts weeping… asking forgiveness. “Holy father, holy father, what am I to do? What am I to do? I do not believe in God anymore. What am i to do?” And you know what the pope said… “Fake it.”

I don’t have to fake it, when promoting this release. At times I wish the vocals would leave a little more room for the musical arrangements to flourish, but it’s nothing big to notice. This is in truth a great album – and I’d recommend it to anybody who likes their metal served with a kick to the jaw..

Currently, a couple of years after this album saw the light of day, Isolator is doing rehearsals with some session musicians, in order to doing some live performances, promoting “Procreation through disaster.” After that, writing a new album could be a real possibility.

Until then, I think you should go and support Isolator and Chaoscraft. Download or order the physical version of the album on Bandcamp, and if you find yourself anywhere near Athens, and Greece in general, look out for upcoming concert dates.

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