Review/Sol Sistere/Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum 

A couple of months has passed since I shared the lyrics video to “Death knell”, the opening track on the debut album by Sol Sistere, on the PLBM Facebook page, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release ever since.

South America has given the world it’s fair share of metalbands; Brazil probably being responsible for the the majority of exports to the rest of the world. But now it’s time to turn our attention to Santiago, the captial of Chile.

“Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum” is the debut full-length by Pablo Vera (Drums), Ricardo Araya (Rhythm/lead guitars), C. (Rhythm guitars/vocals)and finally Juan Diaz (Bass); having only released the ep “I” before this, back in 2014.

If you liked, the before mentioned first single, “Death Knell” this album probably won’t disappoint, or surprise, you in any way.

In my opinion a great riff, equals one you unintentially end up humming along within the second time you hear it. Sol Sistere knows how to do just that; mixing great memorable riffs with nice melodies – resulting in an intense and dark atmospheric record.

Second track on the album, “Relentless ascension”, is the only song , being brought over from the previous released Ep. Having listened a to the the EP a few times, I would say that the guys chose wisely, by picking that track; not only being my favourite from “I” – but also among the strongest songs on this album too. Other noticable songs features “Deliver Us” and the two beautiful instrumental  pieces “Towards the morning star” and “6th Replicant”; the first one is a beautiful melodic semi-acoustic, featuring cello. The latter being a sun charged atmospheric monster.

So what’s the sum of all of this..?

With this album Sol Sistere  doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, with their melancholic harmonics mixed with take-no-prisoners-style traditional black metal..

But.. It’s so well executed that it ends up being an album, you end up playing over and over again. We are only halfway through 2016, but I have to admit, that this is one of the best things I’ve heard so far, and already a possible contestant for record of the year.

If in doubt after reading this little review – take a listen to the bandcamp audio-stream below, and judge for yourself..

“Unfading incorporeal vacuum” is out now on Hammerheart Records.


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