What started off as a studio project by vocalist/guitarist back in 2013 Marek Cimochowicz,   resulted in the release of the debut album “Matriarch”, with the help from bassist Spenser Morris and a sit-in from the former Weekend Nachos vocalist John Hoffman on drums. From there, Vukari evolved into a full blown band-outfit on the follow-up EP, “En to pan”.  A release that first caught my attention on one of the many Facebook pages I follow.

On “Divination” the line-up features, besides Spenser and Marek,  Rich Stancanto on guitar and Mike DeStefano on drums. The band picks up from where they left us on “En to pan” – this time around perfecting their intense sound of atmospheric blackened metal, with hints of post-rocks influences from time to time.

The post-black influences shines brightest in the first few minutes of “Invictus maneo” and the intro to to album closer,  “Bathe in the divine light”. The first of these two, works its way from melodic post-black – to a haunting closing in the space of it’s near six-minute playtime. Why does the last couple of minutes on this one, makes me think of Behemoth..? I’m not pointing fingers here. They aren’t copying anything – it’s rather a case of the dark and gloomy atmosphere, for a short while resembles the one on Behemoths masterpiece of an album, “The Satanist”. Great stuff.

Excluding the intro “Divination I” and  interlude “Ad delerium I”, this album features six tracks, including my own favourite; The eight minute tour-de-force “Cursus Honorum”. Halfway through the song the pace might drop, but the combination of harmonics and unearthly roars of Marek makes sure that the intensity is preserved.

Vukari has already caught the attention of the underground scene over the last couple of years, that leading to sharing a scene with Vattnet Viskar, and opening for Taake back in february. This album could might be the ear- and eyeopener of a bigger audience – shooting them to a bigger stage; at least I hope so. They deserve it.

Pick up the early released digital version of this album on Bandcamp,  and/or buy the cd (august 1st) og vinyl (TBA fall 2016) – both to be released on Bindrune Recordings.


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