Introducing/Lasse/Boutrup Jensen

In only a couple of weeks time a brand new festival sees the light of day, when Infected Festival takes place in the small town Ganløse, 25 kilometers outside Copenhagen.

An event like that doesn’t normally raise any eyebrows; the metalheads has been introduced to a lot of smaller festival in Denmark over the last few years – but the story behind this one may just catch your attention..

Back when I was in my youngest teens I walked around, being one of only a few metalheads in school. We shared thoughts on the latest album by Megadeth or admired the new Metallica shirt one of the guys just bought. I didn’t ever have to stand up for the music I loved – It didn’t harm anybody and I was, as my fellow metalfans, left minding my own business – not to worry about what some people would say behind my back, or perhaps even write online.

Not everybody is as lucky as I was back then; fourteen year old Lasse Boutrup Jensen is the perfect example of a kid that don’t match the norm of the happy cheering pop-loving teens, that are mostly portrayed in popular culture, the magazines or on MTV. Despite his, in a positive sense, quite ordinary casual look, he has a heart that beats for for the darker and chaotic voices of music.

I became aware of Lasse in a podcast-special, done by radiohost Anders Bøtter on  Sort Søndag (Black Sunday); since then Lasse has told his story on both regional and national Danish television. A story about being bullied and spoken about, both behind his back, to his face, and on social medias; being labeled kind of an outcast because he listens to metal.

Such an experience might, at least in some cases, lead to a behavior mirroring the expected; violent and aggressive – but in Lasses case it’s quite the opposite. He kept the growing frustration inside, and turned the energy into something much more constructive; telling his story, and educating the masses along the way.  It resulted in the idea of creating his own free one-day metalfestival, Infected Festival.

Forced Ingestion, Obscure Carnage, Radtskaffen and rising stars Livløs are all playing for free in the name of a good cause on saturday the 10th of june. Lasse has orchestrated the whole event himself, applied for grants from the municipality and booked the venue and bands.

Latest news on Lasse, is that he has now taken over booking activities of EP-debuting sludge-rockers GoatHawkBuffalo; he could be set for a bright future in the music-business – at least he is making a terrific effort at exploring the opportunities rising at the moment.

On a personal note this is the last post in English; future writings will be done in Danish, on my new Facebook-blog Livet er Lyserødt (Life is Pink) But for now, go and give the Infected Festival page a “Like”, and share the story of a kid they just couldn’t keep down..


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