Introducing/Lasse/Boutrup Jensen

In only a couple of weeks time a brand new festival sees the light of day, when Infected Festival takes place in the small town Ganløse, 25 kilometers outside Copenhagen.

An event like that doesn’t normally raise any eyebrows; the metalheads has been introduced to a lot of smaller festival in Denmark over the last few years – but the story behind this one may just catch your attention..

Back when I was in my youngest teens I walked around, being one of only a few metalheads in school. We shared thoughts on the latest album by Megadeth or admired the new Metallica shirt one of the guys just bought. I didn’t ever have to stand up for the music I loved – It didn’t harm anybody and I was, as my fellow metalfans, left minding my own business – not to worry about what some people would say behind my back, or perhaps even write online.

Not everybody is as lucky as I was back then; fourteen year old Lasse Boutrup Jensen is the perfect example of a kid that don’t match the norm of the happy cheering pop-loving teens, that are mostly portrayed in popular culture, the magazines or on MTV. Despite his, in a positive sense, quite ordinary casual look, he has a heart that beats for for the darker and chaotic voices of music.

I became aware of Lasse in a podcast-special, done by radiohost Anders Bøtter on  Sort Søndag (Black Sunday); since then Lasse has told his story on both regional and national Danish television. A story about being bullied and spoken about, both behind his back, to his face, and on social medias; being labeled kind of an outcast because he listens to metal.

Such an experience might, at least in some cases, lead to a behavior mirroring the expected; violent and aggressive – but in Lasses case it’s quite the opposite. He kept the growing frustration inside, and turned the energy into something much more constructive; telling his story, and educating the masses along the way.  It resulted in the idea of creating his own free one-day metalfestival, Infected Festival.

Forced Ingestion, Obscure Carnage, Radtskaffen and rising stars Livløs are all playing for free in the name of a good cause on saturday the 10th of june. Lasse has orchestrated the whole event himself, applied for grants from the municipality and booked the venue and bands.

Latest news on Lasse, is that he has now taken over booking activities of EP-debuting sludge-rockers GoatHawkBuffalo; he could be set for a bright future in the music-business – at least he is making a terrific effort at exploring the opportunities rising at the moment.

On a personal note this is the last post in English; future writings will be done in Danish, on my new Facebook-blog Livet er Lyserødt (Life is Pink) But for now, go and give the Infected Festival page a “Like”, and share the story of a kid they just couldn’t keep down..



Back in the beginning of 2016 I did a review on the great EP, Beautiful and Damned, by the danish black heavy metallers Slægt.

Ever since, I’ve been impatiently awaiting their second full-length – and now we’re getting pretty damn close.. On the fifth of may the guys are releasing “Domus Mysterium” – and it’s now available for pre-orders at Van Records.

The band has promised us a mix of the raw punkish black metal on their debut “Ildsvanger” and the aforementioned NWOBHM inspired “Beautiful and damned.”

Until then, you can enjoy the first single of the upcomming album right here:

Phil Anselmo/Black/Jam

It’s no secret that Phil Anselmo, of Pantera fame, is a huge black metal fan; citing Venom, Hellhammer, Darkthrone and Mayhem as an early inspiration

Lately Phil has been attracting most attention for, what could be best described as, serious lack of judgement; acting as an total idiot, making certain hand gestures, yelling “White power” on stage – and later apoligizing the whole thing.

Most people have an opinion on Phil, myself included, but let us put it all to rest for now, and focus on the music instead, because Phil has got a brand new jam..

Scour is an exciting new supergroup, featuring members of well known metal bands: Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention) on drums, John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer) on bass, Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation) and Chase Fraser (Animosity) handles the guitars. Last, but definitely not least, Mr. Anselmo outlives his dream of fronting a black metal band, once again, by taking care of the vocal duties.

Their self titled EP will be released July 16th, 2016 on Anselmo’s own Housecore label. Until then, you should enjoy the first song released to the public; “Dispatched” is a neo-classical take on true black metal, just as our Scandinavian mothers taught us how to do it..

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Solbrud/Hail/The Cassette Tape

If you, as I, have been longing to hear something new from Solbrud, then it’s finally time for some great news. The downside of it all, is that you propably miss out on it..

Solbrud vocalist/guitarist Ole Luk knows a thing or two about promoting his projects. Lately he’s been flaunting his creative side in his one man project Afsky, offering handprinted linocuts and guitar picks, handcarved out of bark by Ole himself, when buying the debut EP.

So, who in this world, could possibly come op with the idea, of releasing a tribute to the analog days of music. A two track limited edition cassette tape,  with only 100 handnumbered tapes for sale? Solbrud, of course..

In relation to a Facebook post not long, I questioned if Afsky’s high level of activity recently meant the death of Solbrud. The answer told me that the band, despite keeping a low profile at the moment, was in fact alive and well. Even better, they were working on new material. This release backs it up.

This cassette features a brand new track, recorded by the guys themselves, in their Copenhagen placed rehearsal bunker. “Besat af mørke” shows a band that has not forgotten how to do, what they normally do best; write intense, emotional and highly atmospheric black metal.


The B-side of the tape contains something, almost, equally exciting; The band played at Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, last year – and a live recording of my own personal Solbrud favourite “Klippemennesket” is shared from that performance. E-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t.

At this moment, the band has sold around half of the 100 tapes, being put up for sale; if you miss out on the oportunity of buying  one, don’t feel (too) sad.. The Danish radioprogram Sort Søndag (Black Sunday) premiered both tracks sunday evening, and can be heard in the podcast at 47:09 and 01:42:25.

So, what are you waiting for…? Visit their Bandcamp, and order your own copy!

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Brand/New/Left Alone…

P.L.B.M favourite  Left Alone… just released its (his) latest demo, titled  “With black branches.. scars and wounds, the painful memories…”

If you liked the previous demo “Empty moment” you won’t be dissapointed, since it’s very much up the same alley; amazingly well written Dark and atmospheric post black metal.

Damián Antón Ojeda., who hides behind the Left Alone… alias, has created a reputation for himself, as being very fond of multi-minutes tracks – and this is no time for change when it comes to that; breaking all his previous records, with the finisher”…and blood flowed down the street,” clocking in at a massive 27:56 minutes.

Now, with a handful of demos done under the L.A. brand… If I was to do some career counseling, I would definitely tell Damian that it’s about time to hit the studio. Polish off the six or seven greatest tracks from the demos, and it will be a release that few will want to miss out on.

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Apparently Batushka have been receiving threats, relating to the Russian leg of the current European tour.

Orthodox extremists have been making threats to cause trouble if the band goes forth, and perform as planned.

Here is the official statement, posted on Facebook by Witching Hour Productions and Batushka, regarding the Moscow shows:

“Dear Friends & supporters in Russia, It is with sincere regret that we would like to inform you that we have to cancel both our shows in Moscow. We had all the approvals and “green light” from the Russian Police, immigration control and responsible officials. Unfortunately we received threats from extremists affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church stating that they will beat up and even kill people attending to both shows. Since it’s beyond our control and we are not able to assure that the concerts will be 100% safe for both the audience and us we are forced to cancel both of them immediately. Hope you understand. We would like to thank our Russian promoter for his tremendous work & support he gave us. Once again, we truly apologize and hope that some day we will be able to perform on Russian soil. Stay safe! – БАТЮШКА”

While Islamic extremists, and their insane acts, are making headlines across the world – this incident politely reminds us, that idiots comes in all sizes, colours and with every religious view possible.

From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.

Salman Rushdie – The Satanic Verses

Fight the unjustifiable, fight every  religious coward that defends his actions in the name of any god..

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Brand/New/Dark Funeral

Six years has gone by, since the latest release from the Swedish black metal monsters in Dark Funeral. If you follow Lord Ahriman on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve been teased with bits and pieces over a period of the last half year; photos from the recordings of the new album, tour dates for this summer and then about a month ago.. The cover art created by Necrolord and the album title was revealed to the public. And now, finally, the time has come for us to hear some brand new music!

“Where shadows forever reign” is the title track, taken from album to be released on the third of june, and the band has made this statement regarding the the new track.

“Lord Ahriman comments: “I’ve said it before, but in case you missed it, I will say it again. WE ARE BACK!!! And to prove that we’re really back to reclaim the throne once and for all, we now have the privilege to let you all get a taste of what is to come in the form of the epic title track of our long awaited new masterpiece! Sit back, put your speakers on max and enjoy the ride through ancient realms so forlorn and cold, the majestic realm where shadows forever reign.”

Vocalist Heljarmadr further adds: “The lyrics to ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’ deal with self sacrifice. To reach further on my spiritual path I must give something from myself. Be it material or a piece of my heart and soul, as long as it’s something that deeply matters. To truly reach the world of shadows I must summon my inner shadows, my inner darkness and allow no light.”
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