Video/Behemoth/Graspop 2016

If you, by any chance, should have forgotten the excellence of Behemoth, then you should consider this a gentle reminder..

The Polish giants have been touring for a long time now, still in support of their 2014 release, “The Satanist”. In the recent leg of their tour, they have been playing the album in full and, as you’ll experience if you choose to push play, rounding off their performance with a few favourites from their remarkable back catalogue.

In between the constant touring, and opening of a few men’s grooming salons, Nergal and the band has started writing new material – with a few riffs aired on Nergal’s Instagram profile a few weeks ago. Still, it’s just the first baby steps towards a new record from Behemoth, and until then you could choose to dampen your abstinence with this performance from Graspop Metal Meeting, 2016.



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Video/Interview/Jon Nödtveidt

In one of his last recorded interviews, Jon speaks about Dissection‘s triumphant last tour, his time in jail, the process of writing the Reinkaos album and the case of using himself and Dissection as a channel for the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, and the writings of Frater Nemidial.

In hindsight, he may also have given a hint of what was to come later; the self-inflected/self chosen death of one of metals greatest geniuses.

Video/Vice/True Norwegian Black Metal

The renowned photographer and producer Peter Beste teams up with Vice Scandinavia correspondent Ivar Berglin, and pays Kristian Eivind Espedal, a.k.a. Gaahl, a visit in his hometown Espedal, Norway in this short documentary from 2007.

After the release it did receive some critisism, for leaving the viewers with the impression that Gaahl had chosen to live his life in almost solitude – while it’s well known that he has a flat in Bergen, and actually spends most of his time there. It does, however, gives us a short introduction, to the upbringing of the controversial Gorgoroth vocalist, his thoughts on christianity, time in prison and black metal in general.

Video/Dark Funeral/Unchain My Soul

Dark Funeral makes a run at the throne of black metal with this, their first music  video since the release of “Nail them to the cross”, back in december 2014.

Their latest offering, in support of the upcoming album, is a video to the song “Unchain my soul” – and shows a Dark Funeral in great shape, and ready for battle.

“Where shadows forever reign” is set for release on June the 3rd.


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Video/Documentary/Det Svarte Alvor

A lot of things was happening in Norway in the early nineties; one thing that definitely stole some headlines, was the Norwegian black metal scene. You know the story…

This documentary does, however, feature interviews with some of black metals finest. Satyr (Satyricon), Hellhammer (Mayhem), Kristoffer Garm Rygg (Ulver) and Ihsan (Emperor) among others, are the ones who helps telling the story in this NRK tv production from 1994.

Have a look..

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Video/Batushka/Live In Paris

Only two days ago one of the most hyped bands on the black metal scene, took the stage at  Le Gibus in Paris, France. One concertgoer recorded the whole thing on his phone, I guess, and uploaded it to youtube.

Watching that performance I’m still pretty sure that it’s “just” Hermh in new feathers – as I claimed in my review a couple of months ago.

Edit: the stature and pressence of the vocalist does look a lot like Bart..

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Video/Møl/Radar 360

For the last many years, Danish (and other Scandinavian) bands have been able to secure them self a spot in the recurring showcase festival “SPOT Festival,” that takes place every year in Denmarks second-largest city, Aarhus.

This year the Danish post black shoegazers in Møl was among the chosen ones, offered the opportunity to promote themselves.

The music venue Radar, decided to make some fun out the whole arrangement, and record a few of the concerts in 360. If you’re watching this on your smartphone/Ipad/tablet/whatever, you simply move it around to focus on the different bandmembers, crowd. Or the ceiling…

Watching the video on your computer, you’ll be able to move around using the cursor.
Soundwise this isn’t the greatest recording ever, but if gazed out post black is your thing, you should do yourself a big favour, and stream a few tracks on their bandcamp.

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