PLBM Podcast – Episode 2

Episode 2 is now online @ Soundcloud.


Track listing, and where to support the bands:

Burning Cross – Kirkebrann

Christ Agony – Seal ov the black flame

Zeal and Ardor – Children’s summon

Hexis – Septem

Orm – Apotheosis

Havenmoor – Where I shall remain

Mayhem – Freezing moon

TRWLR – Vastare Mare

Midnight – Satanic Royalty

Au champ des morts – Après le carnage

Bathory / Myrkur – Song to hall up high


PLBM Podcast – Episode 1

The pilot episode of the Peace Love Black Metal Podcast is now online on Soundcloud.

Track listing, and where to support the bands:

Nevalra – Terror Throne

Vukari – Cursus Honorum

Batushka – Yekteniya III

Blazing Eternity – Over Sorte Heder

Naðra – Forn

Antlers – To The Throats

Thunderwar – Black Storm Will Unfold

Chaoscraft – Craft Of Deceit

Moonsorrow – Suden Tunti

Black Sabbath – Sabbath Blood Sabbath

Sol Sistere – Death Knell

Show Me A Dinosaur – Wojna


What started off as a studio project by vocalist/guitarist back in 2013 Marek Cimochowicz,   resulted in the release of the debut album “Matriarch”, with the help from bassist Spenser Morris and a sit-in from the former Weekend Nachos vocalist John Hoffman on drums. From there, Vukari evolved into a full blown band-outfit on the follow-up EP, “En to pan”.  A release that first caught my attention on one of the many Facebook pages I follow.

On “Divination” the line-up features, besides Spenser and Marek,  Rich Stancanto on guitar and Mike DeStefano on drums. The band picks up from where they left us on “En to pan” – this time around perfecting their intense sound of atmospheric blackened metal, with hints of post-rocks influences from time to time.

The post-black influences shines brightest in the first few minutes of “Invictus maneo” and the intro to to album closer,  “Bathe in the divine light”. The first of these two, works its way from melodic post-black – to a haunting closing in the space of it’s near six-minute playtime. Why does the last couple of minutes on this one, makes me think of Behemoth..? I’m not pointing fingers here. They aren’t copying anything – it’s rather a case of the dark and gloomy atmosphere, for a short while resembles the one on Behemoths masterpiece of an album, “The Satanist”. Great stuff.

Excluding the intro “Divination I” and  interlude “Ad delerium I”, this album features six tracks, including my own favourite; The eight minute tour-de-force “Cursus Honorum”. Halfway through the song the pace might drop, but the combination of harmonics and unearthly roars of Marek makes sure that the intensity is preserved.

Vukari has already caught the attention of the underground scene over the last couple of years, that leading to sharing a scene with Vattnet Viskar, and opening for Taake back in february. This album could might be the ear- and eyeopener of a bigger audience – shooting them to a bigger stage; at least I hope so. They deserve it.

Pick up the early released digital version of this album on Bandcamp,  and/or buy the cd (august 1st) og vinyl (TBA fall 2016) – both to be released on Bindrune Recordings.

Review/Sol Sistere/Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum 

A couple of months has passed since I shared the lyrics video to “Death knell”, the opening track on the debut album by Sol Sistere, on the PLBM Facebook page, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release ever since.

South America has given the world it’s fair share of metalbands; Brazil probably being responsible for the the majority of exports to the rest of the world. But now it’s time to turn our attention to Santiago, the captial of Chile.

“Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum” is the debut full-length by Pablo Vera (Drums), Ricardo Araya (Rhythm/lead guitars), C. (Rhythm guitars/vocals)and finally Juan Diaz (Bass); having only released the ep “I” before this, back in 2014.

If you liked, the before mentioned first single, “Death Knell” this album probably won’t disappoint, or surprise, you in any way.

In my opinion a great riff, equals one you unintentially end up humming along within the second time you hear it. Sol Sistere knows how to do just that; mixing great memorable riffs with nice melodies – resulting in an intense and dark atmospheric record.

Second track on the album, “Relentless ascension”, is the only song , being brought over from the previous released Ep. Having listened a to the the EP a few times, I would say that the guys chose wisely, by picking that track; not only being my favourite from “I” – but also among the strongest songs on this album too. Other noticable songs features “Deliver Us” and the two beautiful instrumental  pieces “Towards the morning star” and “6th Replicant”; the first one is a beautiful melodic semi-acoustic, featuring cello. The latter being a sun charged atmospheric monster.

So what’s the sum of all of this..?

With this album Sol Sistere  doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, with their melancholic harmonics mixed with take-no-prisoners-style traditional black metal..

But.. It’s so well executed that it ends up being an album, you end up playing over and over again. We are only halfway through 2016, but I have to admit, that this is one of the best things I’ve heard so far, and already a possible contestant for record of the year.

If in doubt after reading this little review – take a listen to the bandcamp audio-stream below, and judge for yourself..

“Unfading incorporeal vacuum” is out now on Hammerheart Records.


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Video/Dark Funeral/Unchain My Soul

Dark Funeral makes a run at the throne of black metal with this, their first music  video since the release of “Nail them to the cross”, back in december 2014.

Their latest offering, in support of the upcoming album, is a video to the song “Unchain my soul” – and shows a Dark Funeral in great shape, and ready for battle.

“Where shadows forever reign” is set for release on June the 3rd.


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Video/Documentary/Det Svarte Alvor

A lot of things was happening in Norway in the early nineties; one thing that definitely stole some headlines, was the Norwegian black metal scene. You know the story…

This documentary does, however, feature interviews with some of black metals finest. Satyr (Satyricon), Hellhammer (Mayhem), Kristoffer Garm Rygg (Ulver) and Ihsan (Emperor) among others, are the ones who helps telling the story in this NRK tv production from 1994.

Have a look..

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Review/Antlers/A Gaze Into The Abyss

A year has past since this release. Yet another one, which passed under the radar.. But also one, that definitely deserves a mention.

“A gaze into the abyss” is the debut from the four-piece Antlers from Leipzig, Germany. Members count Pablo C. Ursusson on guitar, classical guitar and zanfona – also known as a “hurdy-gurdy.” Ntx, also known from Vidargängr, on guitar, keyboards and vocals. M takes good care of the drums and Mts finishes the ensemble, playing bass and doing backup vocals.

According to the all-knowing internet, this is an experienced group of musicians – all having numerous other projects under their belts, before joining forces. Music wise Antlers is probably best described as melodic black metal, with a folk touch. Pablo is also a part of the dark folk band Sangre de Muerdago, and despite Antlers being a different kind of monster, compared to Sangre de Muerdago, the atmospheric and alluring element of folk music, shines through the darkness from time to time.

At times I’d wish, that not every atmospheric/melodic/pagan black/whatever album would open with a mellow instrumental intro – but when it’s done like “Reverence” I’m not the one to deny Antlers doing as such. The following “Carnival of freedom and betrayal” is a great introduction to the rest of the album; fast melodic guitars and roaring vocals on top of heavy hitting rhythm section.

“Hundreds” slows down the pace again, in it’s own monotonous, all most doom’ish, fashion – without ever loosing it’s grip on the listener.

“To the throats” paints the picture of the horrors that takes place on the warfield; adapting a part of the spoken passage, midway through the song, from the poem “A war song to englishmen” by the English poet William Blake.

At times this is propably the most clearcut black metal song among the six featured on “A gaze..” It doesn’t however, at any time, loose the warm organic feel that that the first couple of songs introduced.

“To the throats” is not the only song to feature lyrics rooted in litterature. The lyrics for “Carnival of Freedom and Betrayal” is adapted from the novel “Q”, published by four Bologna based writers, under the famous pseudonym Luther Blisset.

The excellent “Memories of the extinct” closes the album, and leaves me with an impression of an album that might be able to attract attention from a wide range of metalfans, as it contains recognizable elements from most (black) metal sub-genres.

Antlers have been touring this spring, and might hit the road again in the late autumn or winter; in the meantime they are focusing on writing new songs – and the plan is to start recording, when pleased with the material.

If you like the musicstream below, do yourself a favor and buy the album; currently available on cassette tape, LP, or digital download via bandcamp – and while we’re waiting for something new from the guys, keep yourself updated on their facebook page.


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