Video/Behemoth/Graspop 2016

If you, by any chance, should have forgotten the excellence of Behemoth, then you should consider this a gentle reminder..

The Polish giants have been touring for a long time now, still in support of their 2014 release, “The Satanist”. In the recent leg of their tour, they have been playing the album in full and, as you’ll experience if you choose to push play, rounding off their performance with a few favourites from their remarkable back catalogue.

In between the constant touring, and opening of a few men’s grooming salons, Nergal and the band has started writing new material – with a few riffs aired on Nergal’s Instagram profile a few weeks ago. Still, it’s just the first baby steps towards a new record from Behemoth, and until then you could choose to dampen your abstinence with this performance from Graspop Metal Meeting, 2016.



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Video/Batushka/Live In Paris

Only two days ago one of the most hyped bands on the black metal scene, took the stage at  Le Gibus in Paris, France. One concertgoer recorded the whole thing on his phone, I guess, and uploaded it to youtube.

Watching that performance I’m still pretty sure that it’s “just” Hermh in new feathers – as I claimed in my review a couple of months ago.

Edit: the stature and pressence of the vocalist does look a lot like Bart..

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